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My New Years’s Resolutions are a break from the past — instead of resolutions that I’ll fall out of by February and feel guilty for all year, these are designed to be nice and compassionate with myself, and focus on cultivating this I already like about myself and do regularly.


1. Take another stab at the book-a-week thing. It was a good challenge and I think that, especially working in a bookstore, I stand a fair chance. Besides, “failing” at this resolution is still a success.

2. Keep pushing myself to eat more fresh produce — it’s difficult when I’m working, but I feel like I could do a few dinners a week. If nothing else, get some veggies into that pasta.

3. Be more alert to when I need to take care of myself physically — getting more sleep! — and emotionally — allowing myself introvert time. 2009 is going to be the year of compassion compassion compassion.

4. Devote January to completing languishing knitting projects. After that, all bets are off — I need to remember that knitting is something for me, and feeling guilty over how many half-completed pairs of socks I have isn’t doing me any favors. That having been said, I would like more complete pairs of socks.

5. I would really like to get into bookmaking this year.

I think that’s it? I guess it would be good to floss, too…

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If I’m not mistaken, the one resolution I made for myself this year was to read a book a week, or a total of 52 books for the year.

Right now — December 7, 2008 — I’m on my 39th book.

This means I can either:
1. Fail at my single resolution
2. Read 13 books by the end of the month

I’m biting the bullet, because at least I can say I tried.

Suggestions? I like fiction, especially East of Eden and Beloved — poetic or dreamlike narratives, nostalgia, familial lines, connection, attention to unnoticed people and detail…

And, I guess I should add, ones that can be read in, oh, two or three days.

Copper boom!

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Hi guys. I feel like I need to apologize for the blog sucking lately. I guess, in my defense, there are a few reasons:

1. Sick. Everyone at my work has had the same crud, and I caught it. Yuck! I’ve been watching West Wing.

2. Haven’t been knitting, mostly because it’s dry. I feel like I get really sensitive to dryness in knitting — I don’t want to touch wool! Does anyone else have that experience?

3. Working late-night shifts means I’m not really cooking a lot. I should be, both for being healthier and saving money, but I just can’t get motivated. Step back on the taking care of myself front.

Anyway. I’m hoping this week will bring some change. I’m planning on lots of fun veggies for Thanksgiving to try to persuade my family of how awesome veg/seasonal eating can be. I have also been doing lots of embroidery, but some of those are secret projects…

Any recipes you all are excited about for Thanksgiving? Bring the linkage!!

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Bananagrams!!! Review

I really hope to actually finish some knitting tomorrow so I’ll have something to show y’all. It appears that having a job has made me a little less inclined to blog. Anyway! For your entertainment, I present:


I’ve been eyeing this game for a while and finally bought it today from a local game store. It was only $15 (score!), and I had a chance to try it out.

Although I only played the 2-player version, Bananagrams was really fun. Each player starts with a certain amount of tiles and simultaneously makes their own crossword puzzle. When you run out of letters, you yell “Peel!” and take another letter from the remaining letters; all other players must take a letter as well. On it goes — with options for exchanging letters — until there are not enough letters for each player to take one more. The player who plays all their tiles first wins.

The nice thing about this game is that there’s no tedious waiting for other players. I love Scrabble, but it can get a little tiresome. Bananagrams is also a really good mind puzzle, because you’re free to change up your entire crossword if you’re having a hard time fitting letters in. It seems like almost any age could play this game and, if you like games like Boggle and Scrabble, you’ll probably enjoy it.

It’s also a good quality game, especially for the price. All it is is the letters (144), which feel nice and are not cheap; these come in a banana canvas bag perfect for carrying around. Gameplay is quick — good for when you have a few minutes to spare or hours to kill — and transport is easy. I’d guess this would be a great gift for camping.

Anyway. I guess as the holidays dawn upon us I’m thinking about gifts for people — the ones I’m not sure exactly what would be a good present, but I’m committed to not giving them something pointless just for the sake of gift-giving. Bananagrams is inexpensive but well-made, and something that pretty much any recipient will enjoy and actually use regularly. No kitsch here.

So! Receive my banana-word apology. There will be more Knits With Carrots soon, I swear.

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Twist Collective

Winter edition of Twist Collective is up, and it is crazy gorgeous. Check it out! Need another nudge? There’s a beautiful layout with watercolor animals wearing handknit gloves. Yeah, I thought that might inspire you. ;)

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Monarchs come around here to put up for the winter, specifically congregating in a eucalyptus grove nearby. I went with two of my favorite people to check it out today.


They hang out in these clusters — the tannish spots are them with their wings closed — and are most active during warmer parts of the day. Estimates say there are about 3,000 of them there right now.


The world’s pretty cool sometimes.

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Some less happy election follow-up. If you have an aversion to harsh language, I would recommend you not read my thoughts in this post.

Thanks. Let’s keep on keeping on, folks. We can’t afford not to.


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