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o hai.
Isn’t it funny how the Internets go quiet over the weekend? Anyway, snippets of what’s shaking over here:

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while — embroider something featuring two hedgehogs in love. Here it is, in the process of being realized on a tea towel. I love how crisp the stitches came out in this shot. I do not love how dry my hands look. Moisturize, girl!

And something else that’s been making me happy lately:

Not mine, but boy is this cat friendly! I’m lucky to live in a town that is EXCELLENT for cats. My most recent kitten friend is this little one, who has a sibling who looks almost exactly the same. Welcome to the ranks of my kitten friends, little brown cat!

Upcoming on Knits With Carrots: kale, how to embroider tea towels, February Lady Sweater knitting, Mason Dixon log cabin blanket, making and canning tomato sauce, freezing peaches…

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