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Our House

Can’t get that song out of my head!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been slowly moving in with my boyfriend and his roommate. Between work and living my life, I haven’t had time to settle in and nest as much as I’d like to. I feel frustrated at not feeling like I have my own space so far — because I haven’t had time to make it — and that makes me feel restless. In an effort to take that negative energy and make something from it, I decided to document some things in the house I like, and share them with you all. Stay on the sunny side…

Thing 1: The silhouettes from our bedroom window.


Part of why I moved back here was to live somewhere where there are actually, you know, trees and stuff. Voila. Redwood forest, everywhere. Lovely.

Thing 2: The new bathroom


I love showers. I mean, I really, really love a good long hot shower. Before I moved in, I was afraid to use the shower in this apartment. The shower head was responsible for a spray that made me feel like I had a bunch of kittens climbing on me — and not in a good way. There was a lot of mildew, and frequently a draft, and white shower curtains that really disoriented me. Also, a bathmat that never dried. My amazing, fabulous boyfriend, along with my amazing, fabulous roommate/friend, cleaned the tub/shower and got rid of the sketchy things. The boy and I went to Bed Bath & Beyond (for all my hatred of corporations this one feels ok to me) and found these lovely curtains with a coordinating bathmat. I’m not one for uppity matchy-matchy, but man, seeing these makes me happy every time, with the coordinating colors but the circles and squares playing off each other. AND the boy replaced the old shower head with my low-flow, chlorine-filtering shower head. Now the bathroom is pretty, has shower curtains I can see through a bit so I don’t feel trapped in a white vinyl bubble, a lovely flow of water, happy clean space, and a bathmat that is dry. Add that to the fact that our water heater is heat-as-you-go — which means unlimited hot water — and you have a happy girl. I think I started drooling the first time I showered in the new shower. I was that happy.

(Wow, I didn’t expect to have that much to say about a bathroom! I guess it’s the combination of feeling more comfortable in the space, and making it more comfortable, plus knowing my boy put in the time to fix it because he knew it was important to me.)

Thing 3: Dinosaurs in the kitchen


This apartment has passed down through many boy generations. That means a lot of random boy stuff. Like dinosaur cards strung up in the kitchen. They make me really, really happy. Also, the bird in the corner. How long has that been there? God only knows. Honestly, no sarcasm, these make me really happy.

Thing 4: Nerdy boy stuff abounds


This is in the hallway, near our bedroom. Add to that at least three different video game systems, three or four different kinds of Nerf guns, a big Guinness sign, long lists of drunken quotations, and, up until recently, a cardboard cutout of Will Smith from I Am Legend, and you have yourself a genuine boy house. It’s new territory for this girl, and I’m enjoying things like finding random packs of cigars in the pantry, that we have at least two open bottles of Jameson at all times, and the number of nerdy movies in the house. But, lest you get the wrong idea, these are also classy boys. They are charming, and I love them dearly.

So, that’s my house. I’m looking forward to the adventures that will be had…

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