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I tell you, lunch is a hard meal for me. I’m hungry, but lazy. I want something tasty but uncomplicated. What’s a girl to do?

Enter today’s tasty lunch creation: a (vegan) tofu avocado sandwich with miso-tahini dressing!

It’s got tofu! Avocado! Delicious spread! Totally filling, totally delicious, totally vegan.

“How can I make this tasty concoction?” you ask. Well. I will tell you. Here is my “recipe,” or at least how-to guide.

Start with the TOFU.
1. Get yerself some tofu. Firm or extra firm, so it’ll hold up to frying. (Silken or soft tofu is best left for smoothies and stuff.)
2. Slice the tofu into 1/2″ rectangles.
3. Mix together some (1/4 c?) soy sauce and some (1/4 c?) lemon juice. You could add minced or powdered garlic if you want. This is your marinade.
4. Let tofu marinate for, well, however long you want. I left it in for about 45 minutes and it got sufficiently tasty.
5. Coat the tofu in nutritional yeast*.
6. Fry the tofu over medium-ish heat in a hot pan with some canola or olive oil until golden brown. Flip. (Lather rinse) repeat.

While the tofu’s marinating, you can mix up your miso-tahini sauce. I got this recipe from Veganomicon, one of my favorite vegan cookbooks.

1/4 c miso (I used white but I’ve used red and brown to fine results)
1/4 c tahini
Mix together with some warm water until desired consistency is reached. Note that this will thicken significantly after being refrigerated. I add olive oil and/or lemon juice to thin it down.
This sauce is good on everything: salads, sandwiches, greens, rice…

From there, put some miso-tahini sauce on your toasty bread (I like sourdough, which is also usually vegan), add some sliced avocado (I used a whole avocado because I LOVE it), and finally put in a tofu slice.

Eat! Nummers. You could also add sliced tomato (if it’s in season) and/or some lettuce for added vegetable points.

*Nutritional yeast is yellow/orange-ish flakey stuff you can get at a health food store. It has a cheesy flavor and is also really good for you. Not the same as yeast you use in bread. Bad mistake.

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