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I’m back! And with good reason. Remember that crochet potholder swap I mentioned a while ago? I got my act together and made five potholders to send out. Check it out:


Mmmm, crochet-y goodness. I waffled between a bunch of different patterns, wanting to show off my crochet skillz, and finally settled to play with color instead of pattern. I grabbed myself about ten colors of mercerized cotton — cool colors, how predictable am I? — and made double-sided potholders. All double crochet, all different stripe patterns with complementary sides.



Side One

Side Two

Side Two

I had a lot of fun figuring out a new stripe pattern for each side. They’re basic circles crocheted together around the edges, but also with a secret perk: I started the second side from the same center circle of the first, so they’re held together in the middle. I figured I didn’t want two layers of cotton slipping across each other when there’s a hot pan involved.

I sent my babies in the mail last week, and can’t wait until my swaps arrive! I’ve had a lot of fun checking out the new completed potholders every day (potholderswap.blogspot.com if you’re curious). I’ve also been enjoying making some potholders to keep with the leftover yarn — inspired by patterns others used, of course.

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Get Your Crochet On

Just joined this:

Who can resist making and then swapping crocheted potholders? I’m so excited! Click on the picture for details if you’re interested.

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